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Meet Rabbi Dr. Kastan

Meet Rabbi Dr. Kastan

Rabbi Dr. Yossi Kastan has committed his life to the value of lilmod u’lelamed, to learn and to teach. He firmly believes in a mastery-based approach where students not only learn how to learn, but even more importantly, where students learn the purpose and relevance of Torah. With this approach, students are equipped with the tools to develop a relationship with Hashem through Torah and prayer, and are also primed to embrace Judaism as a moral compass in their lives.

With a background in both formal and informal education, Rabbi Dr. Kastan constantly works on balancing best practices with innovative strategies to teach timeless Jewish values. Having taught Chumash, Tefilla, Jewish history and Jewish civics courses in both Middle and High Schools, he constantly searches for ways to increase his students’ level of Jewish engagement. While working on his dissertation, he created Student Impact Films, a cutting-edge filmmaking program geared towards engaging students in Jewish values. One of the films, One Last Shot, which deals with the timely issue of bullying, has been screened at five film festivals.

Rabbi Dr. Kastan’s research and editorials, on topics ranging from moral development to authentic leadership, have been published in the Jewish Educational Leadership Journal at the Lookstein Center, the HaYidion Journal, and on eJewish Philanthropy.

Rabbi Dr. Kastan has presented on morality and Jewish leadership at the Day School Leadership Training Institute’s Alumni Retreat, the Davidson Graduate School of Education’s 20th Anniversary Gala, and the Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence National Conference. Most recently, he was featured as an ELI Talks presenter. His talk can be found on the ELI Talks website (www.elitalks.org) or on YouTube.

Rabbi Dr. Kastan earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Business from Yeshiva University’s Sy Syms School of Business, his semicha from Rabbi Ari Kahn, and his Master’s and Doctorate from Nova Southeastern University in South Florida. He is a graduate of the Day School Leadership Training Institute (DSLTI) and the Harvard Principal’s Center.

He is currently the Head of School at Brauser Maimonides Academy in Hollywood, Florida. He is married to Kara, and they have four children, Anaelle, Netanel, Lielle, and Gavriel. When he is not at school or spending time with his family, Rabbi Dr. Kastan can be found reading, cooking and baking, or exercising.