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User's Guide to Berman's Administration

User's Guide to Berman's Administration

Welcome to our User’s Guide to the Berman Administration. These short descriptions should help you as parents better understand the different roles of the administrators as they pertain to you and your children, and will help guide you in figuring out the best person to address your concerns or questions. As we hear from you, we will further develop this document to continue to make it more helpful to our parent body.

There may be instances when you may not know where to turn. Please feel free to contact any one of us and we will be happy to point you in the right direction if we are not the right address.


Administration Roster and Contact Information

Organizational Roles and Responsibilities


Please contact the following people for matters relating to…


Headmaster: the intersection of the school and the community, and of the professional and lay leadership; policies and other issues running across different divisions; overall religious and educational direction of the school; serious personnel or disciplinary matters; and overall administrative issues throughout the school.


Assistant to the Headmaster: scheduling for the headmaster, scheduling for the Board and Board Committees, Parent-Teacher conference scheduling.


Principals: policies and procedures for the whole division, matters of serious concern about a student or a faculty member, overall educational and religious direction of the division, serious discipline infractions, personnel and disciplinary matters, and overall administrative issues within the division.


Assistants to the Principals: scheduling of the administrators and other staff members, student latenesses and absences, technical help and overall guidance within the division (the “go-to” person).


Upper School Dean of Students: student scheduling and academic concerns, student and religious programming, extra-curricular activities, and first-line discipline.


Middle School Dean of Students: student scheduling, student and religious programming, extra-curricular activities, student council and sixth grade transitions.


Guidance Counselors: social and emotional well-being of the students. Some academic concerns may also be brought directly to the guidance counselor, especially if they are likely related to more global social or emotional issues. Also involved in health, middot and bullying prevention programs. 


Director of Educational Support Services: students who have learning differences, FEPs, and psycho-educational testing; also, any matters related to the implementation of educational support services at the MJBHA. Resource for parents concerned about possible learning differences and disabilities.


Department Chairs: classes, teachers, curriculum and placement issues within individual departments. Primarily focused on the academic.


Finance Director: student billing, scholarships, finances, registration and building oversight.


Director of Institutional Advancement: marketing, public relations, communications, rental and cafeteria income, event planning, volunteer coordination, admissions, recruitment, and building improvement.


Development Director: development and fundraising.


Athletic Director: all matters related to athletic programming, teams, scheduling, coaches and student-athletes.


Front Office: announcements, student contact and messages, and general school information.


Nurse: all health-related matters, including vaccinations, allergies and other relevant health histories, student health care and emergencies, and health guidance and education.


Webmaster:  matters related to the look and content of the Berman website, room reservations.


Admissions Director: referrals of prospective families.


Financial Aid / Facility Rentals: matters pertaining to applying for and receiving financial aid, facility rentals.


Registrar: matters pertaining to registration, student record keeping, and scrip purchases.