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Berman works diligently to provide the children of our modern Orthodox Jewish community with a stable, high-quality, and value-centered education at reasonable cost. As we pursue our educational goals and promote our core values we are proud to say:

Berman students excel.

  • Mean SAT scores have been higher than national, state, and top Montgomery County public schools over the last five years;
  • School days are split 50-50 between Judaics and general studies and include preparation for top colleges and top yeshivot and seminaries;
  • Students receive many awards and external recognition;
  • Educational technologies are integral to the classroom.

Berman is well managed.

  • We are financially stable with no bad debt due to an effective tuition collection system, growing endowment, and balanced budget.
  • We own our building and property.
  • With preschool -12th grades under one roof, we keep down expenses for central staff while sharing staff capabilities across many levels.
  • Our use of "green power" has helped reduce our energy expenses by 25 percent.
  • We completed a successful capital campaign to make resources available for future building repairs and renovations. 
  • We strive to keep tuition below increases in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Berman is in a prime location.

  • There is a strong job market for families moving from out of town.
  • A highly educated population provides skilled teachers and an involved PTO.
  • Our 70 years in the Washington, D.C. area has resulted in several generations of families who have attended Berman.
  • A sizable and growing total Jewish population is within commuting distance of the school (Washington-Baltimore-Northern Virginia region).
  • We enjoy a good relationship with the diverse and affordable Aspen Hill neighborhood.
  • We contribute to the local economy in a robust way: families new to Berman purchased almost $35 million in local real estate during the last 10 years.

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