Moreshet L'Yeladim

Moreshet L'Yeladim

Create A Jewish Legacy (CJL) is an innovative program designed to change the philanthropic conversation in our community by creating a collaborative approach to legacy giving. CJL, a project of the United Jewish Endowment Fund of The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington aims to build a strong, vibrant community for generations to come.

Why an endowment at Berman?

Berman Hebrew Academy supports the continuity of our people and our traditions by offering a quality Jewish and secular education to hundreds of children each year. While gifts to current operations are essential to meet ongoing needs, contributions to endowments are invested to provide benefits for generations to come.

You can help to endow our children with the values and knowledge they need for the future by contributing to an endowment that will itself live in perpetuity.

Can everyone participate in legacy and endowments?

Though named endowments start at $50,000, contributions of any amount are welcome to our existing funds. For example, the pooled contributions of hundreds of people enable us to offer the financial scholarships that make it possible for nearly a third of our students to attend Berman. You can also make a gift that doesn’t cost you anything now: place a bequest in your will, or name the school as beneficiary of a life insurance policy or IRA account.

What is the area of greatest need?

Affording an excellent Jewish education has always been a challenge for our families and in the last few years, this challenge has increased significantly. Berman has always made a commitment to providing scholarship support for its students so that no student is ever turned away on the basis of the family’s ability to pay. As a result, the Berman does not cap the amount of money available for scholarship and must raise the necessary funds to make this possible. Currently, more than a third of our students receive aid via our Scholarship Fund and nearly 25% of our budget supports scholarships. Making Jewish education available to all, regardless of one’s ability to afford tuition, has been a proud tradition at Berman for our entire history of nearly 70 years.

What other areas need support?

Besides the Scholarship Fund that enables so many children to attend our school, you can direct your support to

· Athletics and Physical Fitness

· Building and Grounds

· Cultural, Visual and Performing Arts

· English and Literature

· Holiday Celebrations

· Judaic and Hebrew

· Language Studies

· Library Fund

· Professional Development

· Science, Math & Technology

· Security and Safety

· Zionism and Israel

Change the world to come— Earn the world to come

Jewish tradition teaches that supporting institutions of Torah study is among the highest forms of tzedaka. By contributing to an endowment, not only will you earn the eternal merit of tzedaka, but your gift will continue to yield benefits for generations to come.

Benefits to you

In addition to being tax deductible to the full extent of the law, many gifts carry special tax and even income benefits. Contributions of appreciated investments will save you from having to pay capital gains tax. A charitable remainder annuity trust can provide you with a tax deduction and pay you an income for life. Other types of deferred gifts offer immediate tax deductions. For more information, contact Berman Development Office at 301-962-9400, ext. 5165, or consult your tax advisor.