An Extraordinary Year

2016 Annual Report

This past year, we focused our school message around the deceptively simple idea that We Teach Kids.  As cultivators of young minds, nurturers of youthful spirit, as role models to our children, the inspiring Berman faculty does far more than deliver the content of courses in math, Chumash, history or Talmud.  Every day, we walk onto campus with the awareness that we are teaching kids to be the next generation of Jewish leaders, dedicated community members, creative entrepreneurs, innovative scientists, caring doctors, committed activists, and passionate educators.  

As the flagship Modern Orthodox day school in the Greater Washington area, we expect much from ourselves and from our students: to lead exemplary and inspired Jewish lives; to master knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live and of the core texts of our Jewish and Western heritage; to create warm, nurturing, supportive communities; and to embrace our bond to Israel through language, culture, friends, and personal connection.

From public performances (in Hebrew and in English) to sports to math competitions to the Torah Mitzion Kollel to Shabbatonim to thousands of hours of Chessed to siyyumim on Talmudic tractates to the palpable energy in our classrooms…our students make us proud every single day.  With their commitment to teaching kids, to investing in their own learning and growth, and to inspiring our children, our faculty make us proud every single day. 

We continue to reflect on ways that we can grow, improve and teach more effectively for our 21st century learners.  We are proud to partner with our parents in this endeavor and are honored that you have joined us on this magical ride.

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