Date Category Title Summary
1/23/2018 Community MOCK BEIT DIN Order in the court of halacha! Rabbi Kosowsky's 11th and 12th grade boys took turns being the litigants and the judges in a mock beit din recently.
1/16/2018 Community No Limits to Learning At Berman, learning is not limited to students.
1/16/2018 Community News, Halacha, and Orwell All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
1/15/2018 Community Mishloach Manot 2018-now open
1/11/2018 Community Go Cougars! Berman Cougars were the main event!
1/11/2018 Community Go Cougars! Berman Cougars were the main event!
1/04/2018 Community Science Expo Science takes things apart to see how they work. Religion puts things together to see what they mean. – Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.
12/11/2017 Community From Isolation to Community Centers An asylum with a history of ghost stories was once considered cutting-edge treatment for those suffering from mental illness.
12/11/2017 Community Great Learning Stems from Great Community On Chanukah, you could light your menorah the traditional way... or you could code a Bee-bot to do it for you!
12/06/2017 Community Student Legacy Dinner
11/17/2017 Community Raise Your Hands for Berman! Your $18=$75,000 for Berman! Click here to see how.
11/15/2017 Community Berman Students Jump into Leadership The terms “community leaders” and “positive role models” are two ways we’ve always described our students.
11/14/2017 Community Heros from Sea to Sky From putting on tefillin on a submarine, to soaring with the US Air Force Berman students were privileged to hear stories from veterans in commemoration of Veterans Day.
11/10/2017 Community Trial by Fire Imagine we are living the time of the third Temple...
10/30/2017 Community Screenagers- Growing Up in the Digital Age Join us for a documentary about the effects of electronic devices on our young people. Co-sponsored by Berman PTO, Berman Hebrew Academy, KMS, Woodside Synagogue and YISE.
10/23/2017 Community Repairing the World Through Art Eighth grade students are learning about the power of art to inspire social change.
10/23/2017 Community How to Read Art Like a Book Some say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”
10/19/2017 Community Thirty First Annual Patrons Circle Dinner
10/17/2017 Community New Head of School Announcement It is an incredibly exciting time for the Berman Hebrew Academy community as we announce that Rabbi Dr. Yossi Kastan will become our next Head of School.
9/28/2017 Community National Merit Program Semifinalists Mazel tov to Coby Melkin '18 and Ezra Einhorn '18 on qualifying as 2018 National Merit Program Semifinalists!