Date Category Title Summary
3/22/2018 Community Come on Over-We have Pi! March 14 (3/14) is our chance to celebrate math in a hands-on and delicious way in honor of Pi Day.
3/14/2018 Community Bridging the Past and Present From history to hands-on experiences, our third graders showed a wide range of knowledge about the Cheyenne and Wamanoag Native American tribes in their recent presentations.
3/14/2018 Community More Trees, Please! If you wanted to find out where paper comes from, what WOOD you do?
3/12/2018 Community Important Dates for the Remainder of the Year
3/07/2018 Community Founding Fathers and Philly From the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall to the National Constitution Center, history came alive for our 9th graders during their annual Philadelphia trip.
3/07/2018 Community Speaking Out for Israel Twelve Berman students, and many of their family members, shared their love and pride for Israel with lobbyists, politicians and others at this week’s AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, DC
3/07/2018 Community Teachable Moments for Tzedaka Our amazing LS staff donated over 40 fun experiences for the recent Lower School teacher raffle.
2/21/2018 Community UN Team Top Three Congratulations once again to our awesome Model United Nations team for finishing in third place at Yeshiva University's Model UN conference.
2/21/2018 Community To See or Not to See AP Literature students were thrilled to see the Shakespeare Theater Company production of Hamlet, the play they are studying this year.
2/21/2018 Community Please Join Us
2/07/2018 Community Tu B'Shevat Higiya Fruit treats, grass heads creatures, and more! The Berman community celebrated Tu B'Shevat with lots of memorable programs.
2/07/2018 Community Objection! Overruled! Sustained! The Berman Mockletes dominated the “courtroom” for their mock trial matches last week.
2/07/2018 Community Paying it Forward The world moves forward when we give back.
1/31/2018 Community A Taste of Science From vegetables to chocolate, Mrs. Meenu Chopra’s 7th and 8th grade students are enjoying the wonderful flavors of science!
1/31/2018 Community Tubing for TAC First they rose to the challenge of Torah, Avoda, and Chessed.
1/23/2018 Community Cocoa, Cookies, and Copious Kinds of Care A hot chocolate will calm nerves and warm bellies! Ninth graders enjoy warm drinks and snacks between their midterm exams.
1/23/2018 Community MOCK BEIT DIN Order in the court of halacha! Rabbi Kosowsky's 11th and 12th grade boys took turns being the litigants and the judges in a mock beit din recently.
1/16/2018 Community No Limits to Learning At Berman, learning is not limited to students.
1/16/2018 Community News, Halacha, and Orwell All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
1/15/2018 Community Mishloach Manot 2018-now open