Date Category Title Summary
2/11/2016 Community From Cougars to Terps- Berman Students Accepted to UMD Every senior spends the early winter eagerly awaiting news from Israeli yeshivot and seminaries and American colleges and universities.
2/11/2016 Community JV takes the PVAC Championship Mazel tov to the boys JV basketball team on winning the PVAC championship last night!
2/10/2016 Community Torah Mitzion Kollel Receives Prestigious Jerusalem Award The parent organization of the Berman Torah Mitzion Kollel has been honored with an exciting award
1/29/2016 Community Mazel tov to Class of 2016 on Seminary Acceptances Mazel tov to the terrific senior girls of the class of 2016 on their acceptances to some of the best and most selective Israel programs available:
1/06/2016 Community Cougars take on the Lions
12/07/2015 Community Yeshiva University’s Bronka Weinbtraub High School Bekiut program Berman students are once again participating in Yeshiva University’s Bronka Weinbtraub High School Bekiut program this year. Students learn either a daf a week or an amud a week from Masechet Makkot from high schools throughout the country.
11/23/2015 Community The Matchmaker Romance, intrigue, mistaken identities and defining true priorities were some of the themes of this fall's HADAS production, The Matchmaker. The students looked great and acted beautifully.
11/23/2015 Community Officer Derek Howell
11/13/2015 Community US students enjoy basketball tournament
10/19/2015 Community Stand For Israel
10/14/2015 Community 2016 Commended Students in the 2016 National Merit Scholarship Program Mazel tov to class of 2016 students Amitai Diament, Asher Fink, Natan Kelsey, Nadiv Panitch, and Reena Wasserstein on being named Commended Students in the 2016 National Merit Scholarship Program.
9/21/2015 Community Avi Levitt recognized as an Outstanding Educator Congratulations to Rabbi Avi Levitt, Principal of the Rabbi Moshe H. Levinson Upper School, who has been selected as a University of Chicago Outstanding Educator Award winner.
9/11/2015 Community Two Seniors Named National Merit Semifinalists Congratulations to Leor Fishman and Daniel Schopf on qualifying as National Merit Program Semifinalists, an honor awarded to less than 1% of the state's high school seniors.
8/26/2015 Community Meet our New Teachers We are delighted to welcome several new teachers to the Berman Hebrew Academy Family. Learn more about them.
8/10/2015 General Berman's New Website Accessibility and Ease of Use. These were the two driving factors in creating our new web presence. The new site, which will continue to reside at, brings you more information in a more welcoming, intuitive, and lively fashion. More...
8/10/2015 Community Our New Look and Logo Go Navy, White & Orange! Our new school colors and logo reflect our enthusiasm at being the Modern Orthodox Day School of the Nation's Capital. Our new logo represents the strongly Jewish identity of our modern Orthodox school.
8/10/2015 General Cougars Take it On the Road... All the Way to LA!
8/10/2015 Community From Boot Camp to Bon Jour: Everyone Learns At Berman Many of our faculty took advantage of the summer block of time to continue learning, growing their professional capacity to better service our students.
8/10/2015 Community Volunteers are Recognized At Berman we appreciate the many hours of service our volunteers dedicate to the school. In recognition of some of our outstanding volunteers, we presented the Maxine Kronish Snyder Volunteerism Awards at our 2015 Annual Meeting.
8/10/2015 Community Green Initiatives at Berman Berman is one of the leading green power schools in the United States. Ranked #24 for green power use in K-12 schools across the nation, 84% of all Berman energy comes from wind and solar, approximately 1,200,000 KwH per year!