Date Category Title Summary
9/26/2017 Community Finding their digital feet There’s no fancy footwork when it comes to cybersafety.
9/26/2017 Community Sweet sounds of shofar Did you know that honey is denser than corn syrup?
9/06/2017 Community Academic Excellence at Berman These amazing scores speak volumes about the incredible education here at Berman.
7/10/2017 Community Meet the Orons Berman Hebrew Academy is thrilled to welcome Rabbi Itiel Oron, his wife, Avital, and their three children as our new Rosh Kollel and Torah Mitzion Kollel family.
7/07/2017 Community Welcome to our new US Guidance Team Berman Hebrew Academy is pleased to announce the expansion of our Upper School Student Support Team.
6/22/2017 Community Observations from Tzion The Berman Hebrew Academy community is extremely grateful to the 2016-17 Torah Mitzion Kollel members for enriching our lives, nourishing our souls, and bringing us closer to Eretz Yisrael, Medinat Yisrael, and Torat Yisrael.
6/19/2017 Community Mazel tov to the Class of 2017 We are proud of our 2017 graduating class for their achievements and the ways in which they positively reflect the values of our school.
6/14/2017 Community Art and Soul Mazel tov to our Helene Berman Seidenfeld Visual Arts Center students on their magnificent display.
6/14/2017 Community Hair today, gone tomorrow Students donate their locks to Zichron Menachem.
6/13/2017 Community Showcase Shines The smells of Shabbat, the wonders of Chumash, the power of STEM—all these branches of great learning were on display during our LS Showcase night.
6/06/2017 Community Israel Day Parade We march with Israel!
6/06/2017 Community Sharing Our Stories Berman 8th graders welcomed three students from the now-famous Whitwell Middle School in Tennessee.
5/23/2017 Community Not Biz-ness as Usual Hey city officials, are you smarter than our 6th graders?
5/19/2017 Community Mazel tov to the Class of 2017!
5/16/2017 Community Grandparent's and Special Friends Day Grandparents and special friends enjoyed the nachas of their grandchildren this past Friday.
5/16/2017 Community Touchdown on Truck Day Usually it’s the ice cream truck that attracts the biggest crowd at the Berman Annual Truck Day.
5/16/2017 Community Learning and Listening Sometimes to learn history, we need to sit up and listen.
5/16/2017 Community Right on Target It was “bull’s eye” for 3rd grade students at their Native American Experience at Brookside Nature Center.
5/05/2017 Community 73rd Annual Celebration
5/01/2017 Community Annual Lag B'omer Celebration