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Carpool and Parking Procedures

Carpool and Parking Procedures

The safety and security of our students is our number one concern. In security audits, carpool and parking protocols were highlighted as an area in need of improvement, so please help us all stay safe by reviewing the following uses for each of our parking lots:

Parking lot #1: Located in the front of the school, this parking area is designated for visitors and student parking. Please feel free to use this parking lot whenever you wish.

Parking lot #2: Located on the right side of the school before you enter the gates, this parking area is designated for faculty and overflow parking. Please feel free to use this lot whenever necessary.

Parking lot #3: For morning, 3:30pm and Friday carpool drop-off and pick-up. Please follow the directional arrows for proper line-up. A teacher will invite students into the building through the door that leads to the preschool and lower school.

Parking lot #4: This area is for service vehicles, buses, and deliveries, but is not available for general visits to the school.

Please, please: do not use parking lot #1 as a drop-off or pick-up area. It is very dangerous as there are many other cars coming and going at that time.