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Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held on  Monday, 11/19 from 4:45-8:45 pm for PS/LS/MS/US and Tuesday 11/20 from 6:00-900 pm for LS at Berman Hebrew Academy. To schedule conferences, we use a web-based tool that allows parents to schedule convenient times to meet with their children’s teachers. The system will be available to parents from TBA.

The registration system is quite intuitive, but for your reference, here are detailed instructions along with some important reminders:

1. Go to

2. For Berman’s Master Password, type in the password that was e-mailed to you, then press Enter.

·   The password is case sensitive, so no caps.

·   Please do not share the password with anyone outside of school.

3. Log in at the welcome screen (below where it says “what would you like to do?”).

For returning users:

·   Click on the Login button.

·   Enter your User Name and Password, then click on the Login button.

-  If you cannot remember your password from the hint that was sent, you can select the “I forgot my password” checkbox, and click the Reset Password button.

For new users who do not already have an account:

·   Click on “Create New User Name.”

·   Fill out the information on the screen and click the Create My Account button.

·   Click the Login Now button.

·   Enter your User Name and Password, then click on the Login button.

4. From the Main Menu, select the desired activity – making reservations.

5. Select the teachers you would like to have conferences with by clicking in the box next to each teacher’s name.

6. Review the schedules for the teachers you selected (scroll right and left to see the different teachers, scroll up and down to see the time slots).

7. Click on an open time slot for each teacher.

·   Please keep in mind that parents are entitled to only one conference slot per teacher per student – please do not take more than one.

·   For Middle & Upper School, that means one five minute slot, unless otherwise noted.

·   For Preschool & Lower School, that means one ten minute slot, unless otherwise noted.

·   If you need more time to speak with your child’s teachers, please contact them directly to make alternative arrangements for a different day.

·   Note: Lower School teachers are not able to offer conferences with parents of “math only students,” as they need to reserve schedule openings for General Studies/Judaics parents. However, math only teachers will be happy to discuss your child via phone conference or answer specific questions by e-mail. They will also provide the main General Studies teachers with a math update. If you have any math-related questions or concerns before conferences, please e-mail the math teacher so he or she can address them.

8. Press Save to reserve the time slots you have selected, or press Save/Done if you are finished making your reservations.

·   Your selected time slots are not actually reserved until you have pressed Save or Save/Done.

9. Check your list of reservations – you may print them out if you wish, or you can go back and make changes if necessary.

10. To receive your confirmation e-mail, you must click the Logout button in the upper right corner (versus just closing the browser window).