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Calendar at a Glance 2017-2018

Calendar at a Glance 2017-2018

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Mon 21

New Teacher Orientation Day

Mon 1

Winter Break – school closed

Tue 22-Thur 24

Teacher In-Service

Tue 2

Classes resume

Fri 25

Teacher work day

Mon 15

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day –

Sun 27

New Families Buddy Brunch


Ruhama Dmiel Klein Professional Day –

Mon 28

Student Orientation


no school for students


   K-5 Backpack Unpack (new students) 9-10am

Wed 31

Tu B’Shevat


   Preschool Open House 9:30-10:30am




   K-5th Backpack Unpack (returning students) 10-11am




   PTO school supply pickup 10:00am-12:00pm

Mon 19

Presidents’ Day – school closed


   6-8th Grade Orientation 10:00-11:00am

Tue 20

Cheryl Stern Teacher Professional Day –


   9th Grade Orientation 10:00am-2:45pm


No school for students


   10-12th Grade Orientation 12:00-2:45pm

Wed 28

Ta’anit Esther – 3:30 pm dismissal ** °°

Tue 29

First day of school N-12




MS Orientation during school hours




Preschool and Kindergarten – Noon dismissal

Thur 1

Purim – school closed



Fri 2

Shushan Purim



Wed 7

School-wide early dismissal** °°

Mon 4

Labor Day – school closed


PS/LS/MS: 3:30pm dismissal

Sun 10-Mon 11

US Kickoff


US: 4:30pm dismissal

Wed 20-Fri 22

Erev / Rosh Hashanah – school closed


Spring Parent-Teacher Conf. 4:45-8:45pm

Sun 24

Tzom Gedaliyah

Fri 9

Last 2pm Friday dismissal** °°

Fri 29-Sat 30

Erev / Yom Kippur – school closed

Fri 16

Resume 3:30pm Friday dismissals** °°



Thur 29-Sat 31

Pesach Holiday – school closed





Wed 4-Sun15

Sukkot Holiday – school closed



Mon 16

Classes resume

Sun 1-Sun 8

Pesach Holiday – school closed

Fri 27

Begin 2:00pm dismissals** °°

Mon 9

Classes resume



Thur 12

Yom Ha’Shoah



Wed 18

Yom Ha’Zikaron

Mon 6

Mimi Charnoff Teacher Professional Day -

Thur 19

Yom Ha’Atzmaut


No school for students



Fri 10

Veterans Day



Mon 20

Parent-Teacher Conf. 6-9pm (PS/LS/MS/US)

Thur 3

Lag B’Omer

Tue 21

Parent-Teacher Conf. 6-9pm (LS/MS/US)

Fri 11

Grandparents Day

Wed 22-Fri 24

Thanksgiving Holiday – school closed

Sun 13

Yom Yerushalayim



Fri 18

Noon dismissal before Shavuot holiday



Sun 20-Mon 21

Shavuot – school closed

Thur 7

Preschool closed for Federation Conference

Mon 28

Memorial Day – school closed

Tue 12

First night of Chanukah



Mon 25-Sun 31

Winter break – school closed



Thur 28

10th of Tevet Fast

Mon 4

US Graduation



Tue 5-Wed 6

8th Grade NY Trip



Wed 6

Lower School Showcase



Thur 14

Preschool Graduation and last day




Noon dismissal for Preschool ONLY




8th Grade Graduation Celebration



Fri 15

Last Day for students – Noon dismissal °°




Lower School Step-Up Ceremony




Prof. Day for Teachers 12:00-3:30pm



Mon 18-Tue 19

Prof. Days for Teachers 8:30am-3:30pm