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Calendar at a Glance 2017-2018

Calendar at a Glance 2017-2018

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Mon 21

New Teacher Orientation Day

Mon 1

Winter Break – school closed

Tue 22-Thur 24

Teacher In-Service

Tue 2

Classes resume

Fri 25

Teacher work day

Mon 15

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day –

Sun 27

New Families Buddy Brunch


Ruhama Dmiel Klein Professional Day –

Mon 28

Student Orientation


no school for students


K-5 Backpack Unpack (new students) 9-10am

Wed 31

Tu B’Shevat


Preschool Open House 9:30-10:30am




K-5th Backpack Unpack (returning students) 10-11am




PTO school supply pickup 10:00am-12:00pm

Mon 19

Presidents’ Day – school closed


6-8th Grade Orientation 10:00-11:00am

Tue 20

Cheryl Stern Teacher Professional Day –


9th Grade Orientation 10:30am-2:30pm


No school for students


10-12th Grade Orientation 12:00-2:30pm

Wed 28

Ta’anit Esther – 3:30 pm dismissal ** °°

Tue 29

First day of school N-12




Preschool and Kindergarten – Noon dismissal



Wed 30

MS Back to School Night (6:40-9:00pm)

Thur 1

Purim – school closed



Fri 2

Shushan Purim



Wed 7

School-wide early dismissal** °°

Mon 4

Labor Day – school closed


PS/LS/MS: 3:30pm dismissal

Wed 6

US Back to School Night (6:40-9:00pm)


US: 4:30pm dismissal

Sun 10-Mon 11

US Kickoff


Spring Parent-Teacher Conf. 4:45-8:45pm

Tue 12

PS Back to School Night (6:30-7:00pm)

Fri 9

Last 2pm Friday dismissal** °°


LS Back to School Night (7:10-8:30pm)

Fri 16

Resume 3:30pm Friday dismissals** °°

Wed 20-Fri 22

Erev / Rosh Hashanah – school closed

Thur 29-Sat 31

Pesach Holiday – school closed

Sun 24

Tzom Gedaliyah



Fri 29-Sat 30

Erev / Yom Kippur – school closed





Sun 1-Sun 8

Pesach Holiday – school closed



Mon 9

Classes resume

Wed 4-Sun15

Sukkot Holiday – school closed

Thur 12

Yom Ha’Shoah

Mon 16

Classes resume

Wed 18

Yom Ha’Zikaron

Fri 27

Begin 2:00pm dismissals** °°

Thur 19

Yom Ha’Atzmaut









Mon 6

Mimi Charnoff Teacher Professional Day -

Thur 3

Lag B’Omer


No school for students

Fri 11

Grandparents Day

Fri 10

Veterans Day

Sun 13

Yom Yerushalayim

Mon 20

Parent-Teacher Conf. 6-9pm (PS/LS/MS/US)

Fri 18

Noon dismissal before Shavuot holiday

Tue 21

Parent-Teacher Conf. 6-9pm (LS/MS/US)

Sun 20-Mon 21

Shavuot – school closed

Wed 22-Fri 24

Thanksgiving Holiday – school closed

Mon 28

Memorial Day – school closed









Thur 7

Preschool closed for Federation Conference

Mon 4

US Graduation

Tue 12

First night of Chanukah

Wed 6

Lower School Showcase

Mon 25-Sun 31

Winter break – school closed

Mon 11-Tue 12

8th Grade NY Trip

Thur 28

10th of Tevet Fast

Thur 14

8th Grade Graduation



Preschool Graduation and last day




Noon dismissal for Preschool ONLY



Fri 15

Last Day for students – Noon dismissal °°




Lower School Step-Up Ceremony




Prof. Day for Teachers 12:00-3:30pm



Mon 18-Tue 19

Prof. Days for Teachers 8:30am-3:30pm